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Sweet Crêpes

add a scoop of gelato to any crêpe 3.95
Gluten free option available


Powdered Sugar & Lemon   6

Cinnamon Crisp   5.95

Just Honey   5.55

Fruit Preserve   5.95

Strawberry, Apricot, or Raspberry Preserves

Chocolate   6.95

Melted Chocolate, Topped with Almonds & Whip

Simply Nutella   6.95

Coco-Choco-Nut   8.25

Nutella, Banana, Coconut & Whip

Black & White   8

Nutella, Banana & Whip

Nutella or Dulce Delight   9.25

Nutella OR Dulce-de-leche, Strawberry, Banana & Whip

Suzette   9.50

Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, Sugar and Orange Zest

Red, Black & White   8.25

Strawberries, Nutella & Whip

Nutella or Dulce Pear   8.75

Dulce-de-leche OR Nutella, Pear & Whip

Dulce Banana or Strawberry   8.25

Banana or Strawberry, Dulce-de-leche topped with Almonds & Whip

Raspberry Truffle   7.95

Raspberry Preserves, Chocolate Chunks & Whip

S’mores   9.35

Chocolate Chip, Marshmallows, Graham Cracker & Whip

Banana Bahama   8.55

Banana, Coconut, Almonds, Powder Sugar, Cinnamon, Honey & Whip

Apple   8.95

Caramelized Apples with Cinnamon, Sugar & Whip

Marzipan Pleasure   9.25

Creamy Almond Paste, Caramelized Apples, Cocoa Powder & Whip

Boston Cream Pie   8.55

Banana pudding, Chocolate Chips, Graham Crackers, Powder Sugar & Whip

Grand Ma Apple Pie   9.25

Caramelized Apples Walnuts, Graham Cracker, Cinnamon, Dulce-de-leche, Powder Sugar


Gelato: Assorted flavor changed seasonally 3.95/5.75


Affogato: Shot of espresso over scoop of French vanilla 4



Red Velvet & Assorted Cupcakes Flavors

By the dozen and special orders available

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